Metropolitan District Policies

Policy Regarding the adoption of Policies and Procedures (05-03-21)

Covenant Enforcement Policy (11-07-16)

Meeting Conduct Policy (05-03-21)

Record Inspection and Retention Policy (05-03-21)

Conflicts of Interest Policy (05-03-21)

Email Usage Policy (05-03-21)

Collections Policy (05-03-21)

Fence Ownership and Maintenance Policy (08-02-21)

Recreational Vehicle Temporary Parking Policy (08-31-22)

Design Guidelines and Covenants

Note: Adobe Acrobat is required to open and fill out the forms.

Approved Color Scheme List

There are 30 color schemes to choose from at this time.  If you would like the ability to consider additional schemes, the ARR Committee hopes to have more to choose from by June 15th.  They are in the process of developing, reviewing, and adding more schemes at this time.  Thank you and we appreciate your patience.

Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

Design Guidelines

Updates to Design Guidelines

Be sure to attach all pertinent and required documents to the email with your application below. Email the completed application and all required attachments to [email protected].

Email the Notice of Completion to [email protected].


Contact Lewis Pointe ARC Processing at 303-422-4473 or email [email protected]

Notice of Completion Form (PDF to download and fill out.)
Note: Adobe Acrobat is required to open and fill out the form.