Our New District Manager, Wolfersberger LLC

The Lewis Pointe Metro District would like to introduce you to our new District Manager, Wolfersberger LLC.   The owner of this management firm is Charles Wolfersberger.  Charles is a CPA who spent the first seven years of his career providing audit and financial consulting services to public and private businesses across the United States.  While working at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte & Touche, he spent part of his time training CPAs across the country on conducting audits of internal controls over financial accounting.

After moving to Colorado in 2003, Charles accepted a position in the inspection division of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) – the regulator over CPA firms that audit publicly traded companies. During his 9-year career at the PCAOB, Charles inspected the audits of several large, international companies and served as a national trainer for PCAOB staff regarding audits of internal controls over financial accounting.

Charles Wolfersberger

During his career at the PCAOB and focus on internal controls, Charles (as a homeowner who lived in a metropolitan district) began to recognize and identify significant issues with property tax districts within the State of Colorado. Even though Colorado’s most prolific form of government (with over 1,900 metropolitan districts created in Colorado) has collectively issued hundreds of billions in debt to fund public infrastructure projects, these metro districts are exempt from oversight by the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission and oversight at the State and City level is nominal. Considering the large majority of these property tax districts are controlled by board members who are employees or owners of the companies that contract with these districts to construct millions in public infrastructure projects, Charles turned his efforts from his regulatory role at the PCAOB to working with and promoting independence and ethical behavior on these metro district boards by promoting homeowner control of these boards.

In September 2011, Charles formed Wolfersberger, LLC for the primary purpose of serving homeowner/resident-controlled metropolitan districts and promoting interest among homeowners across Colorado to serve on their metropolitan district boards. Since 2011, Charles’ has steadily grown the firm and expanded its portfolio of homeowner/resident-controlled metropolitan districts.  There are several nearby Metro Districts managed by Wolfersberger, including Amber Creek and Riverdale Dunes.

Our New District Manager, Wolfersberger LLC