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12210 Brighton Rd, Unit 8, Henderson, CO 80640
Telephone (720) 541-7725 Fax (720) 282-5996

Design Review Request Form
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A detailed drawing of all improvements must be attached to the application to show location and dimensions. For painting projects, please include a color sample.

I understand I must receive the written approval from the District’s Design Review Committee before the commencement of any work. I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Hold Harmless Acknowledgement and the Other Conditions outlined below on this application form.

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There shall be no liability on the Board of Directors, the Design Review Committee (hereinafter referred to as the DRC), the Management Company, nor any authorized committee representative of the District for any loss, damage or injury arising out of, or in anyway connected with, the performance of the duties of the ARC.

I agree to hold harmless the District and its agents, board members and ARC members in their review of any matter related to the proposed project identified in this DRR form. The District and its agents, board members and ARC members are neither responsible for evaluating the safety, whether structural or otherwise, of this proposed project nor responsible for verifying conformance with building codes or other governmental laws and regulations. District approval of the proposed project shall not be construed as approval of such matters.



1. I will pay for and secure any/all necessary licenses and permits as may be required by law and will not start on the proposed project until I have obtained all required approvals and permits. Approval of the improvement or change by the District DOES NOT constitute approval by any other governmental entities, including but not limited to local building or zoning departments.

2. I will be responsible for future maintenance and repairs of the improvement or change. The District will NOT maintain the improvement or change, nor will the District be responsible for repairing any damage to the improvement or change, nor any damage caused as a result of the improvement or change. In the event the construction of the requested improvement or change causes damage to any other property within the District, I will bear the full responsibility for that damage.

3. I will be responsible for immediate, proper disposal of any/all trash, debris, material, etc. generated as a result of the work.

4. All applications, denied or approved, are further subject to the District’s governing documents and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Any improvement which, although mistakenly approved by the District, is in contravention of a provision of the Declaration, Rules and Regulations or any governmental code, regulation, statute or ordinance is deemed denied regardless of the consent previously given and such consent shall not be a waiver of the District’s right to enforce said covenant, rule or regulation as if the request for the improvement had been denied.

5. I must submit a “Notice of Completion” to the District for a final inspection when the proposed project is complete, and I authorize the District and its agents access onto my property for exterior inspection. Failure to notify the District or refusal to allow inspection shall result in the withdrawal of the District’s approval of my request.

6. I will be responsible for the District’s reasonable attorney fees and costs related to my failure to obtain approval or to properly complete the proposed project, regardless of whether my request or application is later approved.

7. The District may request additional information relating to my proposed project prior to approving this request and/or prior to the completion of the improvement and I will immediately comply with any such request(s). Failure to comply shall result in the withdrawal of District approval, if previously granted, and waiver of any time limits imposed upon the District.

8. The work must be completed within six (6) months. If the proposed project as built or completed does not conform to the parameters as provided in this DRR Form, upon written request of the District, I will at my own expense and cost, promptly restore the property to substantially the same condition as existed prior to commencement of the proposed project.

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